Please say a prayer that I can figure this out -

Please say a prayer that I can figure this out

So we decided to go visit my Grandmother in Y-Town that we simply don’t see enough of. After a brief visit do in part to the time and status of the kids we made our way home. We make it into Alliance and the transmission seized up.  Next thing we know the car no longer moves and every ounce of transmission fluid is in the street. The kids are freaking out.   I had to call the police to come sit behind us until the tow truck came. Lizze counted over 100 cars that passed us by without offering to help us at least get out of the middle of the busy road. We did however, get cussed out a few times.

Long story short the transmission is shot and needs to be replaced. $2300.17 for a brand new one. Possibly less for a rebuild but they don’t know if it can be rebuilt till they look at it. My guess is that a rebuild won’t be possible.  On the upside the rest of the van is in excellent condition so after a new transmission it will be like a brand new car. The downside unless I use a personal loan or something, the repair isn’t possible till tax return at this point. Going to look into a loan but I not holding my breath.

We are going to be in a bind now… I’m not sure what we are going to do. We bought from a private owner so no recourse there. I had planned on rebuilding the transmission this January and had already had it looked at. They told me it would need rebuilt but that it should be just fine until next year. They also said don’t hold them to that but that it was just starting to through codes and was still running very well……Story of my life. Elliott Richard was hysterical when the car broke down. He worries about these things and tries to give me his piggy bank money to get it fixed. I just reassure him that Daddy will take care of it and he doesn’t need to worry. Please say a prayer that I can find a way to figure this out ASAP. Pray that there is an organization out there that will help us to get this fixed…..

Now off to bed….  Night

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