Fit 4 Autism Update -

Fit 4 Autism Update

Ok everyone… Fit 4 Autism has been going for a few months now and the Fit 4 Autism team has racked up 642.76 km or about 400 miles so far. That is the combined contributions of all team members.  That’s a whole lot of distance covered by the Fit 4 Autism team.

WE NEED MORE MEMBERS. Membership is FREE but it will costs you some time and calories. Endomondo does all the tracking for us. It’s super easy if you have a smart phone (iphone,android,blackberry,Nokia or Windows Mobile)..

What’s in it for you? Well you would be helping to bring attention to a worthwhile cause, Autism.  By participating you will be helping to support and motivate special needs parents to make the time to care for themselves. Far to many of us give all we have to our kids and leave nothing left for ourselves. The major downside to that is that your health can suffer as a result. We need to take the time to take better care of ourselves so we can be happier, healthier and longer living special needs parents. Our kids need us…for as long as possible.

The contribution requirements are very easy to meet. All you need to do is SOMETHING. Walk around the block and record your activity on the Endomondo site. Your activity will be added to the total and that’s it. Pretty simple, right.  Then what are you waiting for?

For more information on joining the Fit 4 Autism movement visit here..


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