I’ve lost….

I’ve lost….

…20lbs since starting Fit 4 Autism. My doctor today,said I have made a complete turn around since the beginning of the year. I am medication free and aside from my much improved diet and fish oil, multi-vitamins and a few other natural supplements my doctor recommended, I’m good to go.

I couldn’t believe it when they told me how much I have lost. I don’t weigh myself I just count the kcal’s I burn. I weigh more then the typical person with my frame because of the years and years of body building. My doctor said most of my weight is muscle but I still need to lose more fat. So my goal is to try to lose another 20lbs by the new year. That give me a smidge less then 3 months. That is a pretty realistic goal at the rate I am going. My weight started to accumulate after I suffered a major back injury while on a call as a fire/medic. That was almost 10 years ago now. I used to lift weights and do cardio for about 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. My metabolic rate was very high. I haven’t been very active since then because of the pain. Now I got my metabolism raised up again and I’m getting back to my old self. I can’t wait to get back into lifting again.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to get back into shape. Fit 4 Autism has really helped me because I feel motivated to keep contributing and increasing my contributions as I progress. I like the feedback you get from the community. With everyone adding more and more miles everyday there is also a kind of accountability that keeps you hitting the track even when you don’t feel like it.

I’m really excited and proud of myself for sticking to this program and getting my health back. I’m also proud of everyone that does what they can when they can to contribute to the Fit 4 Autism cause and their overall health.

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Much congrats my BIL!!!!


That's awesome !! Well done : )

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