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I’m super excited about this

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It’s not too often that I can pull off an actual surprise. Between the financial hardship and my inability to keep a secret from my family, it’s not easy. I’ve… Read more »

The #1 most important thing we need to balance as #Autism parents and it’s not what you think

One of the more difficult things an Autism family can deal with is going out in public. This has nothing to do with shame or being embarrassed. It has to… Read more »

3 extremely important updates you missed

I’ve been slacking off in the writing department lately and I apologize for that. In order to get everyone caught up on the last couple of days, there are 2… Read more »

The single biggest reason I’m worried about our emergency psych appointment today

Lizze and I reached out to Gavin’s psychiatrist’s office because we’re growing increasingly worried about his worsening level of lethargy. I mentioned eariler that they were our first stop because… Read more »

The #1 reason I’m grateful for days like today

This morning, Gavin had the last IVIG infusion that we have supplies for. Now is when I start to get anxious and stress out because it’s become another episode of… Read more »

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