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Helping my kids deal with loss

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It’s been one week since Maggie passed away and we wanted to try to keep the kids distracted today. Kids with Autism are especially prone to struggling with loss and tend to benefit a great deal from distraction. Trying to process already confusing emotions is difficult and at least my… Read more »

There is no cure for what my oldest son has but we keep pushing forward

Eariler today there was a knock at the door. It was Akron Children’s Hospital delivering Gavin’s IVIG infusion supplies. I guess I didn’t realize it was already that time of month again. Gavin has been getting these delivers for more years that I care to remember and as much as… Read more »

I have an exciting announcement

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So this is pretty exciting. Emmett will be in a martial arts tournament tomorrow morning up in Akron. Every year at the end of the school year, the school invites the kids to participate in a martial arts tournament. In previous years, the tournament was held in Columbus, Ohio and… Read more »

The boys don’t have school today but I’ll be there anyway

There’s no school in the morning. Some nonsense about end of the grading period or something. Lol Anyway, while the boys won’t have school, I’m supposed to meet with the principal about the raffle to raise money for an end of the school year surprise for the kids. They’ve worked… Read more »

It’s funny how things work out

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Tomorrow marks one week since Maggie passed away. I’m not sure if the significance of the day will strike the kids or not but I’m certainly not going to raise their attention to it. We’ve been preparing for awhile now that Maggie wouldn’t be around forever but we had no… Read more »

If I had known 6 years ago

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I’ve not been feeling well today and I’m getting really tired of it. Everyday it’s wash, rinse and repeat. If I had known six years ago that Paxil would be so devastating to come off of, I would have never gone on it.

Why my day was so stressful

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It’s been a stressful day for about a million reasons. About half of those reasons were Autism related and the rest were the result of a few other things. I’m still not feeling a hundred percent but I’m probably upwards of sixty or seventy percent lately and that’s progress. I’m… Read more »

It’s the little things

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I’ve been working to keep everyone in the house as active as possible but the fricking weather isn’t wanting to make that job any easier. I think it was five days ago, it was 80°F and now it’s snowing again. Lizze doesn’t do well in the cold weather but I’m… Read more »

At least the pain doesn’t last long

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Gavin’s having a pretty decent day thus far. After taking the kids to school, I took him to get his weekly bloodwork done. Once again, he did great in that regard and now we wait for the results. Unfortunately, while he was walking out of the lab, both his hips… Read more »

Crawling back into bed isn’t an option

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I woke up feeling awful this morning. As time goes on, I seem to be doing a tiny bit better in regards to dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of being of Paxil. This morning however, I work up feeling like I was going to puke again. It’s getting so old… Read more »

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