I’ve put myself in grownup timeout

It’s not going to be named easy morning. Neither Elliott or Emmett are cooperating in regards to getting ready for school today. 

Emmett’s freaking out because he has a field trip and he has to wear his shoes and socks if he wants to go. He wants to go but the shoes and socks thing is major obstacle. 

Elliott on the other hand, won’t even get out of bed. 

We have places to be this morning and I’m already frustrated beyond belief.… Read More

Why I ask about my kids day at school before we get home

I was able to enjoy some me time again today, while waiting for Elliott to be dismissed from school. I played some ambient noise in the car and caught up on the news. 

I didn’t get much writing done but I did get to sorta zone out for a little bit. 

Elliott is usually one of the first kids out the door when the school day ends and I’m always the first in line for parent pickup. 

One of the things I always do is ask the boys about their day before we get home.… Read More

How we handle one of our kids with #Autism being home from school

It was a rough night but I did get some sleep and so did Elliott. Having said that, we had Mr. Emmett throw a wrench into our plans today because he woke up not feeling good. 

Emmett loves school and so faking an illness to stay home isn’t his thing. 

His stomach was upset and there was no getting him to do anything.… Read More

Why this Dad is sleeping on the couch tonight

Let me tell you about my favorite way to start the new week. By favorite I mean the absolutely worst way to begin the week cause it sets a tone that seems to follow me through the rest of it. 

Picture this, the boys are in bed, and I just hit the Walgreens to pick up a gallon of milk and some ice cream.… Read More

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