The Brink: An Honesty Post

The Brink: An Honesty Post

I feel like we are on the brink of collapse. We have everything closing in around us. Gavin is really, really struggling, not to mention driving us all crazy. He just doesn’t ever seem to stop. We have no idea what his motives are or wether these things things are within his control. Dr. Patti seems to think he I playing us in many situations. I can see that but how do we know for sure and what the hell are we supposed to do about it?

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I know those days. Regrettably, those are the days I really loose my temper. Gabe, has ADHD, Sensory Intigration Disorder, Aspergers, Mood Disorder. Thy haven't put down bipolar disorder because of the issue of insurance, but they medicate him for it. We move 10 steps forward and 7 steps back. In many ways his younger brother who is more tempermental is more mature. It's not easy. I deffenitly find myself walking away a lot when he is so out of control.

Lost and Tired

Let me first thank you for posting and sharing your story. Secondly, its really great to feel a little less alone. Thank you.

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