Emmett John and Earily Intervention

Emmett John and Earily Intervention

The intervention team met this week and formed a battle plan. Emmett John will start an early pre-school 3x a week. He starts the first week of December. We are going to have to figure out new pick up schedules for the kids because Emmett and Elliott will need picked up at the same time.

I think we will get Elliott a bit early and then pick up Emmett. Emmetts time is absolutly crucial and Elliott will be at the end of his day anyway. Then we will jump on the free way and pick up Gavin. It’s going to be a ton of driving but at least we have the van back up and running.

Emmett John is begining to say more words. He now says “thank you”. Lizze says he said “juice” last night but I missed that one. These are all very good signs for his future as far as communication goes for him. He is still 9 months behind with motor skills. His sensory needs are pretty much off the charts. They suggested we put carpet in (we have hardwood floors) because the echo off our high ceilings is probably contributing to his screaming. The constant echo might be what has been pushing him over the edge lately.

I hadn’t thought of that but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. We also need to enclose our open stair case for obvious reasons and our windows are old and very fragile and he gets a fix from climbing them as well as smashing them with his hands.

Now we just need to find the money to fix all of these things and we are golden.

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