Meltdown by 3

Meltdown by 3

Gavin had 3 major meltdowns today. By major meltdown I mean shrieking, stomping and self injury. They occurred over seemingly nothing. Gavin was edge today for some reason.

I have to be honest when he stands there shrieking it takes all I have not to lose it. You can hear him 4 or 5 doors down. I am floored that no one has ever called the police. You would think he was being tortured. Everyone hid upstairs while Gavin lost his cool and freaked out.

I tell him that he doesn’t have the right to frighten anyone in this family because he didn’t get his way. This is one of those times where I think he is willfully upsetting everyone in the house. Everyone in my house has the right to feel safe at home. I will not permit Gavin to terrorize his younger brothers.

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