Autism at the holiday's -

Autism at the holiday’s

So today we are celebrating Thanksgiving with my family cause my mom will be working on Thanksgiving.  I knew it was a bad idea to think we could actually go some where for the holiday’s. Anyway, Emmett John is ALL over the place and we are the ones that have to chase him around. We get little to no help. Everyone gets to relax and visit and we get to chase the kids around. We could do that more easily at home.

So after dinner Gavin had a meltdown and literally almost took my mother out. Gavin was mad cause he wanted more desert and we said no.  We got him into the back room and he lost it for about 20 minutes. We then packed up and left. Happy Thanksgiving to us. Sometimes I don’t know why we even try to do normal things. It just makes things worse when life smacks us in the face with reality.

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