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This morning just keeps getting better and better. Remember how lucky I said we were because Emmett John hasn’t gone through any of the windows yet. Well this morning our luck has run out. He ran into and subsequently through one of the windows in Elliott’s room. Noone was hurt so thank God for that. I have no idea how he managed to do this without a single scratch but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

The problem is, besides the obvious, is the everything is froozen and the wind chill is about 10 F outside right now. This is going to make going on the roof and doing the repair a huge pain. The glazing is going to be to cold to be manipulated. I’m replacing with plexi-glass to avoid this in the future. We have about 20 windows that are over 100 years old and falling apart. We are trying to locate funding to get them replaced as they are a real safety hazard with 3 special needs kids, especially Emmett John. If anyone has any ideas please feel share them here or via email. As old as these windows are they are not safety glass so that makes them even more dangerous.

There is a grant in the city of Canton to allow for the replacement of windows but you have to be current on City Taxes (which we aren’t, we are making payments) and you sign a contract ststing you will not move of sell the house for 10 years. I can’t committ to that. If we could find a better fit for the kids I would want to move in order to give that better environment to them. Any ideas?

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Lost and Tired

Oh gotcha. I didn’t read that right. Long day. Sorry.
To replace the windows will cost about $10,000 because they will all have to be custom made because of the size and shape. These windows are original to the house and so at 102 years of age have deteriorated to a point where they are unsafe. At minimum I need to replace all the glass with plexi-glass. That is about $60 per window x 25+ windows. Most of the glass panes now are actually falling out of the windows. I just replaced the window pane broken today for about $35. However the windows themselves are still broken. It’s quite a daunting amount of money. Which is why it hasn’t happened yet. We are checking with local agencies but haven’t had much luck. It worries us because Emmett seems to get some type of sensory fix out of smashing into things. We are working to find him other means of fulfilling his sensory needs. I keep saying we need to start playing the lottery but just never do. Maybe I should 🙂


Bonnie Stewart

Smashing windows was a favorite sensory fix for my autistic kid too. Our windows are only about 60 years old, but still the glazing is no good. I finally gave up glazing every time I replaced a plane and switched to silicone caulk. It isn't pretty, but it does have some "bounce". It gives me a moment to run to my son when I hear that familiar knocking on the window and I can perhaps stop him before he smashes through it. Like you said, the money is too daunting to replace all the windows. I actually prefer the old ones, because we had a new one upstairs. Our son (age 6) disassembled it and threw the upper sash out onto the ground.

Lost and Tired

We have very large windows. If I recall correctly I think we were quoted over $10,000 to replace them. No way that's happening any time soon. We just try to stay ahead of him as much as possible and replace what gets broken with plexy glass. I think it's about $40 or $50 per sash to replace with plexy. Again it's nice to know we aren't alone. Thank You for sharing your story.


You said you’re trying to locate funding to get your windows replaced, I’m wondering how much funding you’re trying to locate


How much do you need? Do you accept Paypal?

Lost and Tired

I don't understand what you are talking about. How much do I need for what?