The big one.... -

The big one….

I am currently sitting in my room while Gavin is melting down in the middle on my floor. This is a big one. We haven’t seen one like this for quiet a while. I missed the beginning of it but something to do with lying to Lizze. Anyways I took over to give her a break. Gavin is punching,hitting and now biting himself. I am doing my best to ignore this as to not reinforce the behavior (as per Akron Children’s).

The biting is new and he appears to be esculating. Once he is done and calm for a few minutes he will get a drink and be allowed to go lay down in his room. All he had to do was calm down. He is actually calmed down now. He willb have to wait a few minutes because he made us deal with this for about 45 minutes so he owes us some time. He will probably have oatmeal for dinner as that is the only thing that has any impact. We can use the oatmeal still but it has become less and less effective. Now it serves as a punishment for behaviors as apposed to a deterent.

Rewards don’t work and most consequences don’t either. He rarely if ever learns from his mistakes but we have to keep trying.

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