Emmett's and the Geneticist -

Emmett’s and the Geneticist

Emmett was seen by the Geneticist this morning. The are testing him for everything. Their primary concern seems to be Fragile X. That seems to be the current theme for us as of late. They were explaining to us how rare our situation is. He said the reason they want the genetic workup is because of how uncommon all this is.  We should have the results prior to Christmas. All in all it was a productive visit. On the way up I told Lizze that when they ask if Lizze and I are brother and sister I was going to tell them yes. I though it would be funny but she made me promise not to. To me it seems like a ridiculous question that deserves a ridiculous answer but I guess they actually run into that. All I can say is WOW.

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Hi..I'm a medical student, and I absolutely love your blog..so much so, that for the past month I've been reading all your old posts..hence a comment on a post more than a year old..just wanted to say that while it may seem really ridiculous (and it probably is ridiculous to the dr too) it's quite an important question to ask when doing a genetic profile..and while it may seem really weird to marry a sibling, for those who have, its really not unusual at all..I appreciate that you were just kidding around, but…yeah.

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