It can be hard to not drown in all the negativity

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed this week. Elliott is having sleep problems and he’s in full on stubborn teenage mode. That means I can’t get a great deal of cooperation from him in regards to getting his sleep cycle reset. He’s stressed out and probably a bit depressed. I think that’s completely understandable but we need to right this ship because it interferes with school and it’s simply not healthy.

That was the focus of therapy tonight. Hopefully, we can begin getting him back on track.

I’ve opted to skip this week’s podcast release because I have to much work that needs to get done and production is very time consuming. I could cramm everything in but that would increase my stress levels and I’m trying to be kind to myself. I have a few reviews I need to get finished up and published. That’s my focus this week. This is just one of the challenges associated with be a one person operation. I can’t delegate anything to anyone.

Also, this week is Elliott’s birthday. He’s in a rough spot right now and I want to try and focus on him this week as well. He misses his Mom and while we’re working on a visit, it won’t be for at least 2 weeks. It sucks but we have to stay the course and focus on COVID safety. Once everyone is vaccinated, we will be in a much better place to resume more frequent visits.

On the plus side, I’ve been working out consistently and that feels good. I’m easing into things right now and building up a routine. Consistency is key and that’s what I’m shooting for.

The reality is that there isn’t much to complain about right now. Could we be doing better? Sure, but we could definitely be doing worse. I feel like we’re pretty lucky and I’m grateful for that. We’re all still here. We’re all still healthy and that’s not to be overlooked.

I am overwhelmed but I’m not entirely sure why. I will say the isolation probably isn’t helping. Having adults in my life is kinda really important and I’m looking forward to spending time with other grown-ups when all this is over.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I’m curious why Elliott needs a sleep reset. I understand the idea behind it but I think every 14 year old in the world does this and their parents just force them to get up for school in the morning. They learn the hard way that staying up too late will cost them the next day.