The complications of Autism

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We are at Akron Childrens for Emmett, one of the many trips we have this week alone. Today is the Gastro.. Emmett is having xrays done to check his “poop level” in his colon. Then more bloodwork and then an endoscopy. They are suspecting celiac which is not something we wanted to hear. My mom has that and my grandmother and aunt had it as well. Not something pleasant to deal with for him or us on top of everything else he’s dealing with.

The fact that Emmett can’t communicate just makes everything so much more complicated. He can’t tell us what’s going on so we have to guess. Because Emmett has had reflux since birth. The doc said 95% of kids with reflux out grow it by their 1st year, of the 5% that don’t, 95% grow out of it by 2 years. We fall into to rare category once again.

More later……..

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