Progress in pottyville -

Progress in pottyville

We made some more progress today with potty training Emmett. He wanted to wear his little Finding Nemo underwear this afternoon. He didn’t have any accidents. He almost has “number 1” down to a science. He will say potty and then strip down and run upstairs to the bathroom. He can do the whole thing by himself. He climbs up on the potty and does his thing and then hops off. He shuts the lid and flushes. Then he takes the hand sanitizer and washes his hands.

“Number 2”, however, is a much different story. That is an area we seem to be stuck at. As far as Emmett is concerned, “number 2” is done in his diaper and ONLY in his diaper. This is something we are going to have to really work on. One would think that potty training an Autistic child would be pretty easy. I thought that the routine of going to the bathroom would be more easily added to their already existing routine. I also thought that sensory wise wet underwear and or diapers would be bothersome. Maybe it’s just my kids but this certainly doesn’t appear to be the case.

Either way I’m pleased with the progress Emmett is making and proud of him for getting here. Hopefully, in short order I will NEVER have to buy diapers again.

Here’s to hoping……..

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