Another day at Akron Childrens -

Another day at Akron Childrens

We were at the hospital very early this morning. Emmett was having a Barium study done. Basically he swallows this dye and they X-ray him as I passes through him. He hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in like 12 hours so he was an extra special kind of grumpy today, and I don’t blame him. Lizze and I didn’t eat either so he wasn’t hungry alone.

We got there and it seemed like every kid was eating something and Emmett was screaming cause he was hungry and didn’t understand. Then they put the bracelet on his ankle and he lost it. He screamed and screamed for the 20 minutes we waited to go back. He kept trying to pull it off. I know it’s a sensory thing and I wish there was a way to work with kids like Emmett without torturing them. I know why they have to do it but that has to be a better way.

He screamed the entire time we were there which was over an hour and it was heartbreaking every single second. He was scared, over stimulated, hungry and thirsty. We couldn’t explain to him why it was like that. We have no way to explain that were aren’t forgetting to feed him. Autism/PDD makes everything so much more challenging.

Now we wait for results…..

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πŸ™ EJ.

When do you get the results? Thinking of you guys!

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