My Wish

My Wish

I’ve been a bit stressed out today and I just started writing down everything going on inside my head. I thought maybe that would help me to….maybe…process them a little better. It turned into a list which tuned into this. Sometimes just writing down how you are feeling can go a long way towards feeling better.


I wish we could sleep through just one night.

I wish I knew how to better help my family.

I wish I could remove my wife’s pain and carry it myself.

I wish I had friends to get together with every weekend.

I wish I could just take the kids to the play ground.

I wish my wife and I had date night.

I wish my house was safer for the kids.

I wish we had more money.

I wish I wasn’t in pain every day.

I wish I could see a future for us.

I wish I could finally get the van fixed

I wish I had the luxury of drinking sometimes.

I wish my family understood just how bad things really are.

I wish people wouldn’t ALWAYS try to show us the silver lining.

I wish Emmett John could better communicate.

I wish Elliott Richard had friends to play with.

I wish Gavin would stabilize.

I wish I was a better husband and father.

I wish I had more to give.

I wish I could secure my boys future.

I wish I had the luxury of many other peoples problems.


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