Allergies, Allergies. and more ALLERGIES -

Allergies, Allergies. and more ALLERGIES

Emmett just cannot catch a break. Not only is he allergic to milk and egg but also lactose and some other things we haven’t identified yet. He goes on the 20th for his endoscopy. I called his gastro today and asked to get him back on his reflux meds. His reflux is so bad he is literally choking on stomach acid. He is screaming all the time. Probably because he is in pain. I get the point of withholding the meds but I don’t want him in pain and he is in pain. At the same time I don’t want a reason to repeat the enoscopy because the resuls were messed up cause he was on his reflux meds. I explained all of this of this to the nurse and the doc said to get him back on his meds right away. He said the results will be the same and they don’t want Emmett to suffer. It will probably take a few days to get it back under control.

Since pulling those things from his diet he has gone into overdrive. He is now 3x the handful he was before. He hasn’t had a sugar increase either so that’s not it. I wonder if this is what he is supposed to be like when food isn’t making him sick. God help us….

We go in the morning for his Autism and speech evaluation again. It’s supposed to be a very long day and Emmett will not be in a friendly mood. God help them…:-P

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