Change of plans, AGAIN -

Change of plans, AGAIN

We had dropped Gavin off at my parents house and left for Akron Children’s hospital…. We got just outside of North Canton and we get a call form the pediatrician. Guess what, he wants Gavin seen at Akron Children’s ASAP. Because of Gavin’s history of eating “non-food” items they want a full work up done. Akron Children’s is the only place able to meet his unique needs. So we had Lizze’s mom pick up Gavin and bring him to Akron because we needed to get Emmett to the hospital by a certain time.

To be completely honest I’m sitting here in the ER waiting room pretty pissed off. Everything in me wants to be on the surgical floor with Emmett. It’s frustrating because Gavin eats things he shouldn’t and then lies about it. So we don’t know what’s potentially going on with him. I could be up there with Emmett who is having biopsies of his small intestines taken.

Maybe it makes me a bad parent but I just get so tired of having to miss things with the other kids because of a choice Gavin makes. All Gavin’s talked about this morning is eating. I tried to ask him if he has eaten anything that isn’t food but all he does is get mad at me for asking and not believing him when he tells me he hasn’t.  I can’t tell you how many times I have sat in this very same ER for PICA related emergencies.   Every single time he lies about what he has eaten so we can’t just take him at his word. We have to protect him from himself if that makes sense.

I’m not letting him eat ANYTHING until he’s cleared by the hospital, I was paramedic for almost a decade I know the drill…So I am sitting here praying for Emmett and waiting on Gavin to arrive so we can make sure he’s ok.  I’ll keep you all posted…

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