The Christmas Eve Meltdown -

The Christmas Eve Meltdown

It was barely 10am this morning and Gavin had his first big meltdown of the day. He has become very unstable and much like a ticking time bomb,  he’s ready to explode at any second.

Lizze and I had decided to visit with her parents this afternoon and mine in the morning. 

However,  in light of just how unstable Gavin has become,  I don’t know what we are going to do now.

We may just split up and allow Elliott and Emmett to spend time with our family. They are handling the holiday quite well and would likely have fun with little ill effects.

We had planned on staying home for the holidays, however,  it now longer seems worth it for everyone to stay together just to have a front row seat to Gavin’s next meltdown. I’m pretty frustrated right now and honestly getting a bit resentful at the moment as he is beginning yet another meltdown as I am writing this.

I hate this………

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I’m sorry. I understand the meltdowns. It’s so tough for anyone to understand unless they go through it. I hope you find some joy in your day! Sending hugs!



My Christmas wish for you is that you get some respite care for Gavin very soon. If you had just one day a week where you and the two younger boys could get out and do things together, I think you could recharge your batteries a little.

I know it is easier said than done, but I think right now, Gavins behaviors get in the way of his little brothers and their chances of developing to their fullest potential.

This idea comes from My experience, because my oldest was/is a handful, with multiple behavioral issues, and it was always hard for me to give the younger ones what they needed and DESERVED because she took all of my time and patience every day.

Also, because the younger ones look up to their older siblings, they start to want to emulate the older one's behaviors….ugh.

Anyhoo, I hope you can get some peace, and soon.

Thinking of you all on this holiday.

Wendi in Oregon

Wendy F

"Tis the season. My 12yo already had his first meltdown of the day too. Hang in there dad, it does get better.


Feel for you…that sucks. There have been SO many days when we had to say maybe to any kind of plan–autism dictates your days sometimes!! Hang in there…

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