Gavin: Crisis Mode?

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The self injury is escalating.  At what point do we draw the line? Do we allow it to get worse or do we send him to Akron? I don’t know how to make that decision anymore. Those that have never had to make this type of decision can’t begin to imagine what this feels like.

He would be there over Christmas and that would be terrible. Is that enough of a reason not to send him back to get help? He did this during the meltdown last night. Didn’t notice this at first cause it was under his hair. The cuts extend into his hair line as well.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Lost and Tired

Yeah. I figured that out a little bit ago.. LOL THX


SIB stands for Self Injurious Behavior.

Lost and Tired


I just contacted her and am waiting to hear back. Thank you for bringing us this new connection,,,,,

Laurie Wallin

Another family I know is facing that same decision right now. Maybe you two can support each other through it?

Lost and Tired

SIB? What is that? He is just getting more and more aggressive toward himself and I don't know when we say enough is enough.

Thank you for posting your comment…We will be looking into it…



I know this is a stupid question because you are already stressed. But have you tried medication specifically for the SIB? Like naltrexone?

Mine used to head bang, really badly, and bite herself. It's an off label use for the naltrexone but it literally saved our life. Sitters would sit with her and hold her head on their lap so she didn't hurt herself. Then I got there at the end of my work day to do it until bed time.

She also would bite herself so hard we could see all of her teeth for days. There would be a bruise from every single tooth.

Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.