Blog of the Week: Normal is a Dryer Setting -

Blog of the Week: Normal is a Dryer Setting

I want to introduce this weeks Lost and Tired Blog of the Week. This blog is written by a Mom named Amy and perhaps has the most amazing title ever because it’s just so fitting.

Blog of the Week 1_20_2014

Normal is a Dryer Setting:

Autism, sans sugar coating

About Amy:

“I’m a Gen-X mom to one child, Jonah Russell, who was born on March 7, 2002.  Before Jonah was two, he was diagnosed with autism.  Before he was three, my husband Andy and I enrolled him in a preschool class at a school for children with autism/ other neurological disorders.  He thrived there and learned a lot, and though he posed weird and tiring challenges, we were holding our life together.”

I couldn’t find a Facebook or Twitter account for Amy’s blog but who cares, this blog is awesome all by itself.  🙂

Amy prefers not to be given any awards. That being the case, let’s just say I’m doing my readers a favor by directing them to a really cool blog.

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Amy Wink

Thank you Rob.  We have to stick together and remind ourselves we are not alone.  Thank you, and many hugs…



That is a great name, thank you for sharing.

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