It’s going to be a long day….

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I was up very late (3am) with Elliott again. He wasn’t feeling very well. This morning no one is feeling well. We thought about rescheduling Emmett’s appointment today but we really need to know this information we will gain today…..

He kids on the spectrum are sick, it a vastly different experience then when “typical” kids are sick. It’s pretty much constant sensory overload until they feel better. Right now they are just all stuffed up but that’s enough to cause them great distress.  I have lost track of the days. I think it’s Tuesday though.

I can’t wait to be done with Akron today. I need to go shopping this week and the more information bout Emmett allergies we have the easier that is.

Please have a good day and thanks for reading….

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Hi Rob, I commented on your post about pain a few weeks ago and am now completely absorbed in your blog. I've been wondering, how much input do you have to address the boys sensory needs? You've mentioned that Emmett has OT but what about Gavin and Elliott?


Rob Gorski

We are currently trying to put together a crash room. Gavin was in ot and pt until he had to many behavioral issue we had to deal with. Now he does get those at school but not enough. We are going to get him back in. Elliott has never been to either. For now we are trying to address the immediate health concerns with Lizze, Emmett and Gavin.

Thanks and you are most likely correct in your observations. The problem is there are just to many things happening all at once.


I can imagine it's hard to deal with everything going on at once. If you'd like some sensory strategies, feel free to email me, I'm an OT.