What should the world know about #Autism?

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We are all in the trenches, each and every day.  I thought a great discussion topic would be the following.  What do you think the world should know about #Autism?

Basically, if you had the power to make everyone understand one thing about your child with #Autism or #Autism in general, what would that one thing because and why?

Once again…..

What do think the world should know about #Autism?

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Josie Pants

I hate the empathy myth.  That's one thing my son doesn't lack at all.  And yes, the Rain Man theory.  Some people question my parenting because my son isn't a 9 year old brain surgeon or card counting billionaire.  I also hate it when people find out he has autism and they give me the head tilt and the "aaaw, I'm sorry to hear that."  People definitely need to learn more about it, I'm so tired of explaining my son so people won't think he's scary or suffering.  That was more than one, sorry lol.


@Josie Pants by all means, keep them coming. That was fantastic.


 @Chloe123 That was fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing. If you think of more, by all means, please share.


 @Jodi p That's a really good point. I think that a great many people still associate autism and Rainman.  


As a young adult with Autism, I think about this question often. There are so many things I wish people would understand. But one of the many things is that I am intelligent, I understand them, so when someone says something that is mean, or talks right in front of me like I am not there, it hurts; even though I am not always able to communicate how much it hurts or how I feel at that time, it does hurt. I have feelings, people with Autism have feelings, just like everyone else. We are more like others than different, and we may be different, but we are not less than others, just different not less. I am sure I will think of more to write later, but this is it for now. 🙂 

Jodi p

I should think of a more inspiring one but one that sticks to my mind is they are not all 'rainman'. They don't all have special gifts.