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First of all, please let me apologizes for not responding to this sooner.

My sole purpose for starting this blog was to very candidly share the struggles my family faces raising 3 kids on the spectrum with my wife being sick as well. You already know these are n fluff pieces and are often difficult to read. They are however the truth. So many familys struggle in silence and become isolated from family and friends. I want our story to help people to realize THEY ARE NOT ALONE. I have received literally hundreds of comments and emails over the past year from all across the world. People are sharing their story with me personally or with everyone via the Lost and Tired blog. It is so important for people to share their story. The world cannot become aware unless you speak up. So I want to THANK everyone for having courage to share their stories with the world. The more of us that talk the more people will listen and learn. This is all I could have hoped for…..

With that said I am going to address an issue that keeps coming up. To be completely honest with you I have really struggled with responding to this matter and have given it a lot of thought. I have asked a lot of people for their thoughts and advice. The issue is about donations to the Lost and Tired family. Over the past year I have received a lot of emails requesting information on how to help us. I have not been very forthcoming with answers for 2 reason really. The first reason is that I didn’t create this blog as a means of soliciting anything from anyone. I have never and will never ask for anything more then thoughts and prayers. Well, I do ask for advice but really thats it.

The second reason is I don’t want anyone who may read my blog to ever feel obligated to do anything other then spread Autism awareness. My family is my responsibility and I take that very seriously. I do the very best I can in the circumstances in which I find myself. However, my hands are tied in many areas.

With all that said and after a lot of thought I have decided to post a “Donation” link as requested. As crazy as it may sound this was not an easy decision.  I have decided to do this for a few reasons. One being that because of my pride and the way I have been handling these requests there have been some issues. The biggest one (and the one I also feel the worst about) is that there have been occasions where requests have been made and I have politely declined. On these occasions attempts were made to help us anyways. The problem is that because I didn’t not provide the information that was requested things got lost and or misdirected. This has happened more then once and I feel really bad about that. Someone wants to do a kindness for my family and because of the way I have been handling these types of situations their efforts were in vain. Not to mention whatever it was they had done got wasted because of my reluctance to accept help. I can’t tell you how badly I feel about these occasions. The truth is that my kids need more then I am capable of providing despite my best efforts to do so. If someone out there wants to help give my kids a better future, who am I to refuse the help.

Secondly, if someone really wants to help badly enough their going to do it anyways. At least this way provides a safe and secure means by which to do it. Please know that I am not asking for anything. I just want to share our story and reach as many people as I can. That again is the sole purpose of my blog….However, those wish wish to help can now do so in a much safer and secure way.. I am truly humbled by all of this….

I will be forever greatful for all the thoughts and prayers you all send our way each and every day. Please know you are in ours as well. Thank you for helping make this blog what it has become and more importantly spreading Autism Awareness.

I will make this a sticky post for a few days so everyone knows whats going on….

Thank You.


aka Lost and Tired 😉

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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