Elliott’s little friend……



For my new readers this is Toothless, Elliott’s bearded dragon. It was about 4 inches when we got him now he’s almost almost 16 inches long. Elliott and I raised him from a baby. I thought it might be a cool thing for us to do together….


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  1. So….instead of slipping his veggies to Maggie…it's Toothless 😉

    (HTTYD is BIG here right now…almost as big as Cars STILL is 😐 out of curiosity how do ER & EJ do with it since [I think] it can be pretty sensory heavy?)

    1. Actually they watched it this morning. They don't have a problem with it…..

  2. Salad and Crickets

  3. Man is that thing neat.Stupid question, but what do they eat??

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