Emmett Starts Eastgate Today....... -

Emmett Starts Eastgate Today…….

As you know we had to cancel many of the early intervention programs for Emmett due to health concerns that needed to be addressed. We called today to see when we could get him back into the program. They told us this afternoon would be just fine with them. That’s a huge relief as we were afraid we would have to wait. We only have a few months left of “early intervention” as he ages out at 3yrs of age. Hopefully this will help him and we can finally start to move forward a little bit.

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Rob did u check to see what services are offered from 3 to school age? There should b programming from birth.to 3 and then 3 to school age then school age. I'm glad u were able to get him back in. That'll b good for him and lessen your stress level.


What a bright spot in your day! That's wonderful news! Good luck with the early intervention, I hope that it is just what Emmett needs to move forward!

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