Emmett’s first day…….

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Emmett had his first day of “pre-school”. He seemed to really like it. I personally have mixed feelings as one of the staff ladies rubbed me the wrong way. However, if they can help him I’ll get over it. We are still going to persure better options but until then we feel better knowing he is getting help….

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That was actually 3 options lol….

I base Jrs "like" of things I leave him @ by how he is when I pick him up. Ex: we can only leave preschool after 1 particular girl leaves or he gets mad. (her mom has a similar issue with her lol) when he started school he would REFUSE to leave. I took that as he was enjoying himself 🙂

Lost and Tired

Both actually…..


Yay EJ! Was he overly happy to see you, kinda Eh dads here or what?! Your making me leave???!!!!!