So much for the visit going smoothly

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I’ve already had I think, 3 phone calls today and 1 or 2 yesterday, from the boys Mom.  It’s a little frustrating because this is supposed to be my break and I’m having to deal with one thing after another. 

I’m not mad but I think she’s in over her head or at the very least, out of practice. 


Nothing that I was contacted about or awoken for was urgent,especially with her parents there.  They’re quite competent and I have all the confidence in the world, in regards to their ability to care for their grandchildren.. If I didn’t, the kids wouldn’t be going…

I’m not sure why I need to be in the middle. 

Again, I’m not mad but it just sorta interferes with my time off and there’s really no need for it. 

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Perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m grateful she does call when she either doesn’t know what to do or is overwhelmed.

The last call was because Elliott was freaking out and wanted to come home.  I can hear him hysterical in the background and that kicks me back into papa bear mode.

He wants to come home because he’s upset about something, likely that he’s not getting his way or doesn’t like something she’s said or done. 

What exactly am I supposed to do about that? Talking to me is only going to make him want to come home even more and if I intervene, I only serve to undermine her. 

It’s a pretty shitty position to be placed in but then again, shouldn’t I be used to that by now?

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I did handle it well and basically refused to involve myself.  It goes against my instincts to not bring him home but it’s the right thing to do.

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