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Today’s brief topic is on Autism and Anxiety. I want people to understand how even the simplest things  (most take for granted) are significantly more complicated for families like mine raising Autistic children.


Pampers actually refused to help us out. We wanted to simply order and pay for just one kind of diaper. We are going through 80 -100 diapers every week or so because Emmett destroys the non Grover diapers. He typically won’t wear clothes so we can’t hide the diaper from him. He really does panic and have extreme anxiety when we put a different diaper I know it sounds weird but it just how he responds. It pretty typical for Autistic kids to react this way to things that change…


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Dorothee Hannemann

Dear Rob and Lizzie and dear kids, we just want to let you know that we SPOKE for you and we know, that your situation is gonna change drastically from this day on!!!!!! We spoke freedom and healing for you and your family and those are not just words! We are strong, because Jesus gave us strength to overcome all evil forces in this world. We know that everything in your entire family will gonna change. Your heart has been seen. We also spoke money into your family and we know that you will help others!!!! God LOVES you and he wants you to trust in him, to believe those words! He loves you so much!!! He doesn't want to fix your situation – he makes everything NEW!!!! Believe him! Believe my words!!!! He LOVES all of you! You gonna see the difference!! We send you big hugs and much love! Looking forward hearing from you!!! LOVE, Jan, Dorothee and three kiddies…


Hi Rob, have Emmetts OTs mentioned the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol for sensory defensiveness? One of the reasons he's so particular may be that he knows the Grover ones are 'safe' and don't hurt him. By reducing his sensory sensitivities, you may find him more flexible as the world becomes a less scary place. I've recently used this with a boy who's worn the same clothes for 2 years and he's now in new trousers 🙂


Rob, I applaude you for everything you have gone through and will go through. Sadly, a lot of guys would walk away if they were dealt a situation like this, your truly one of a kind of guy, my hat is off to you sir! I think it's a awful thing that our government can't "find" the money / resources to help find a cure for autism but we can spend trillions of bucks on a war to kill eachother (I know a whole diff game, but you know what I am saying.) Being a father of two healthy kids, I can't and won't even try to understand what a "normal" day is like for you, I don't think I could, not ever had to deal with autism. I watched the videos and such beautiful kids, they are only doing what they know. I wish you and the ENTIRE Gorski family nothing but happiness, I hope every doctors appointment brings good news! Stay strong, your doing a wonderful job under huge stress.


I am coming at this from a different perspective, as I am a currently out of comission special education teacher. First let me say that I have always been very open about the fact that as a teacher I am a student of my kids and their families and I learn more from them than I could ever teach. Would it be possible to buy a completely different brand of diapers that have a neutral design without characters? Would Emmett eventually cease tantruming when he comes to realize that there are no Grover diapers in the house anymore and that all the diapers look the same?Just an idea and you, as his parent, know Emmett better than anyone!

Trish @ Another Piec

Hi there – I'm visiting from the Autism Blogs Directory. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having so much difficulty with this. I hope that you are able to find a way to get the diapers that you need. Bless you.

Lost and Tired

Thanks. And welcome to Lost and Tired. Emmett will just only wear Grover and Cookie Monster (sometimes) diapers. The real fix will be potty training…not to sure about that though. He 12 months behind developmentally so I'm sure that will play a role.

Thanks for the support.. I had just signed up today. Thanks for stopping by.

Kit (at)

I can somewhat empathize with your situation based on my own experience.

Ive been sitting here pondering your dilema with the diapers to see if there was a way to resolve the issue without costing you guys more money. The first though was to grass roots on pampers, but that may or may not help. You could bring your story to the local TV station and they might be able to help you out.

However, through all that I thought of something that MIGHT be more practical. Check around for something like a day care, nursery, or the hospital. Failing that, maybe check with some of the local churches. Go in and ask if you can swap them 1 for 1 on diapers. i.e. You will bring in all the diapers that are NOT grover (or cookie monster if you think you can get away with it) and swap them if they wouldnt mind keeping the ones you need.

Maybe that would work better than wasting tons of diapers.

Lost and Tired

I originally said something about that but then removed it because Emmett decided to help me with the video. I chose to use the one he help me with instead. I tried that. We cut one out and made it so it could velcro on to the other diapers but he knows it's different. He is VERY particular and VERY observant. Thanks Deb, I know you understand exactly what this is like..



Hi guys This may sound a lil out there but its just a idea. What if you scanned and printed pictures of Grover and glued or taped them to the diaper before he sees it?? Or if the is more than 1 Grover pic on each diaper cut one out and glue it over the other diaper. I know it would probably be ok till he figured out you glued the picture. I feel for you guys. I used to go threw this stuff with Marc with shirts and he would only wear certain things. Good luck!!