I know some of you will feel my pain……

Mr. Emmett John decided he would pick up his shoe and throw it at the TV. I have an LG 47 1080p 120Hz LCD. We got if a few years ago before things got this bad. He busted the screen loose from the frame. LG mounts the screen in a weird way. It feels almost like a projection screen. So it would be like throwing a shoe into a projection TV. It just knocks the screen out.

I’m not even that angry, really. Just kinda in shock and surprised it took this long. Awesome……

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  1. I think I'm more just numb. Emmett is basically a 12 month old. So it hard to be mad. I numb just about sums it up.

  2. Myself….i'd be quite angry due to the fact that stuff isn't easy to come by anymore and it is a lack of respect, even though hes just a little guy.We all have our limits,lol….

  3. Wow! That it lasted this long is an amazing feat! Hopefully you'll be able to get it fixed readily!

  4. Ouch 🙁

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