Let me get you all caught up….

Let me get you all caught up….

A lot has happend in the last 24 hours since my last post. for starters Gavin was “sick” last night. I say “sick” and not sick cause with him you just never know. After he went to bed he came downstairs and told us he was sick. He said his stomach was hurting all day and his head was pounding. He had no fever and was running around playing yesterday as though nothing was wrong. I asked him to lay in bed on his tummy and hug his pillow. That always works for me and I thought maybe the power of suggestion might help out. He was convinced he had to vommitt. This is what he has always done. We down play the need to vommitt and just make him comfortable. But sure enough he ended up puking last night so we had to keep him home from school.

I heard back from Dr. R this morning. He wants Gavin back on his anti-psychotics ASAP. Wait you might say, Gavin can’t be on those anymore. Well you’d be correct. However, his self injurious behavior is such that the risks are deemed justifiable. Plus the neurologist says it’s ok but we have to do the cfs study first. So we have a call in to attempt to move up or at least get a date of when the study will take place. I’m still waiting to hear back..

Emmett spiked a fever last night and was having a difficult time sleeping. Made for another long night.

I’ll post more later…….

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Hi Rob, just discovered your blog today. I dont really have anything to say, but that I promise after reading your story I will never feel sorry for myself again. What a remarkable family you are.

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