Beaking point..... -

Beaking point…..

Things are really getting bad. Gavin has simply lost touch with reality. He is talking about things that aren’t making sense. He is interacting with “imaginary” friends as though they are really there. This goes far beyond the typical imaginary friends. I just heard back from the neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic and they are going to try to book the OR as an emergancy. They are going to try to get this done right away. That puts us in a huge bind cause he will probably be there for at least 24 hours. One of us will have to be there. It can’t be Lizze (for obvious reasons) and it can’t be me cause there is no one to take the kids….

They may also want to admit him as they start the anti-psychotics again. That would actually make sense and be the safest way to do this. He needs medically stabalized. I am supposed to hear back “very soon”.. whatever that means.

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:-/ good luck!!! I hope they get him in (TODAY) and decide to keep him over the long weekend to get him stable! For ALL of your sakes!! Much love & positive thoughts!

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