Morning meltdowns are so exhausting

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This morning was a bit on the rougher side of shitty. Emmett really struggled with his stomach and was extremely upset because he didn’t feel good but he also didn’t want to miss school. He struggled with this so much that he ended up melting down.

We decided to have him stay home because he truly wasn’t feeling well and maybe we could get him to school a bit later in the day.

I took Elliott to school but stopped at Walgreens because he decided at the last minute that he wanted to bring Valentines to school. While I was there, Lizze called and said Emmett basically wanted to try going to school.

We turned around and claimed Emmett before making our way to the school.

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It’s important to understand that Emmett is not manipulating us in an attempt to get out of going to school. Emmett loves school and part of the reason he gets so upset is because he doesn’t want to miss a single day.

So far so good. No phone calls from the school and that means we just might have a few hours of quiet before Gavin gets home.


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