I'm soooooo tired..... -

I’m soooooo tired…..

So I got up this morning at 5am to a screaming Emmett. I got him back to sleep for about 10 minutes till I got sick (stress), Then I cried for a bit cause I missed my wife and I was completely overwhelmed. I took the kids over to my parents house and did some running around. I had to go to Sprint (more on that later) and Best Buy. Then to the post office and then to fill the 5 gallon water jugs. I got back to my parents in about 2 hours. Then we came home and I now have to get dinner ready. I spoke to Lizze today, she sounds relaxed (which is good). Here plan is to come back home on Thursday. That will kinda give her a week away and time to decompress and get the meds worked out. Part of the problem is that fibro meds have been played with. The meds used to treat fibro are usually anti-depressants. So when those get screwed up it throws everything out of balance.

I cannot describe in words just how stressful our lives are. Is really is quite bad. So the week away should do her a world of good. Again this separation has nothing to do with our marriage. It’s just a chance to give her body a break from all the stress. Hopefully the much needed and well deserved reprieve will have a positive impact.

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