The plan -

The plan

We spoke with Gavin’s doctor and decided to increase his meds at bedtime just a bit. I’m doubtful this will work because he is only on 1mg of resperidol and it took 8mg the last time he was on it.

We are supposed to call if things get worse or by Wednesday which ever comes first. My fear is he’s going to have to go back. The safety issues here are very serious. Gavin is now following these hallucinations around the house. He is talking about defending himself now. What if one of the kids becomes involved in whatever Gavin has going on? Or worse Gavin sees them as something that is out to get him.

Not only do we have to worry about Gavin’s sanity and peace of mind but also the sanity,safety and peace of mind of everyone in the house. I don’t like the idea of sending Gavin back because he is doing well behavior wise but his mental health is clearly in decline.

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