Lizze Status Update...... -

Lizze Status Update……

As you all know Lizze’s surgery was canceled because the “Medical Director” of our insurance company feels Lizze doesn’t need the surgery. He or she should not be in the position to micro manage the wellbeing of someone from their lush office and cushy leather desk chair. Lizze’s doctor and 3 or 4 other doctors ALL agree that this IS MEDICALLY NECESSARY. They have ACTUALLY talked to her in person. They have ACTUALLY examined her and determined the ONLY course of action is the surgery. Lizze is currently still doubled over in pain because she still has the uterus that was supposed to be GONE two days ago.

It’s bad enough when this happens to the average person but Lizze isn’t the average person, She is in pain constantly and this surgery could have relieved some of it. She is also the mother to 3 special needs children. She needs every last ounce of strength and energy to make it through the day. Now she is forced to carry a burden that could have been removed. She has more on her plate then then most everyone else to start with. The kids and I need her to be at her best and when she is in so much pain all the time it just simply isn’t possible. This just isn’t fair……

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