Surgical Progression….

Well I made huge progress in the battle to get Lizze the surgery she needs but insurance won’t cover. I spoke with a friend at Aultman Hospital in order to gain some insightinto how the system works there and what I need to do in order to get this surgery done. I have made progres today and received confirmation on the cost. 

The price of the surgery at Aultman Hospital is around $10,000. That doesn’t include the anesthesiologist or Dr. D (I know Dr. D is $1,400 but he cut that in half for us).  It includes the physical procedure done via “robot” and 1.5 days in recovery. They are then giving us 30% off of that and spreading it out over 5 years…. It will cost us $120/month plus whatever the other doctors bill us per month on top of that for the next 5 years. That part sucks as we are struggling to make ends meet as it is. However, that is MUCH better then $770/month at Mercy Medical Center. Besides I can’t put price on Lizze’s quality of life so I’ll just have to figure something out.

I call Dr.D in the morning and set everything up. I can’t wait to tell Dr.D’s office manager about this because she told me it wasn’t possible. Well she was wrong…..

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