Would you like to see companies like @SamsungMobileUS team up with @Lost_and_Tired to help #Autism?

Would you like to see companies like @SamsungMobileUS team up with @Lost_and_Tired to help #Autism?

Here’s the deal. I think Samsung creates some of the most amazing pieces of technology. I know their new pieces of tech like the Galaxy Note series, not only destroy the iPad and iPhone in hardware but also in price.

Even previous years models would work amazingly well for families touched by #Autism.

I have worked with Samsung in the past to provide a family touched by #Autism a brand new Galaxy Tab 8.9. We did that last year actually.

I have received countless inquiries from families out there, in desperate need of a tablet device for use with their child with #Autism. If I could, I would buy everyone a tablet that needs one. Unfortunately, I can’t afford one either.

However, I would like to know what it would mean to your family, for a company like @SamsungMobileUS to donate a tablet to your child with #Autism. How would you look at such a company after that? What do you think when you hear about a family in need receiving a much needed device, in order to help their child?

Would you be more likely to support that company in the future? Would you tell your friends about that company?

I’m looking to create some attention and encourage companies like

@SamsungMobileUS@Motorola@AcerAmerica and @ASUS to work with

@Lost_and_Tired in order to make at least one family’s holiday, extra special.

If you would like to help, please re-tweet this post on Twitter and tag these companies on Facebook. Let them know the difference they could make in the life of a child or family touched by #Autism.


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I would support a company that donates devices to families with children with disabilities. I know a table would sure  help our guys with their communcation skills


I have wondered about having such a device for our Abbi…she has other issues besides being Autistic…gasp…yeah I said it. 🙂   Seriously, music or being read too have saved her from serious harm many times. Well I say serious harm….you just never know when that horrible little head slam could result in a serious head injury…I also worry when she is biting herself hard enough to break the skin…our mouths are full of germs and I worry about infections. BUT the second she hears a musical note it is her calm…it is her sanctuary….her brain finds peace. So I have thought about a device with apps that can be ordered for music or maybe reading to her in the character voices. I know it is beyond our scope to afford one right now, but hopefully after Christmas we can start looking at pawn shops for good prices. I think what you want to do is a great idea! I might not be able to financially support a company that did something like that to help a family touched by Autism, but I would certainly use social media and my “big ole mouth” to spread the word.Abbi is blind…and this is a true story…we were in a hotel room a couple years ago (she was 5). we were startled awake (it was right before Halloween) by the sound of a witch cackling very loudly. It scared me half to death. Abbi was in the floor at 3am with her Daddy’s cell phone, and she managed to find a ring tone of a with cackle. Well, Daddy tried and tried to find it again after he got the phone back from her…he never did. LOL…yep a blind 5y/o is more tech savy than her Mommy and Daddy.


In all honesty all experience I have had with their phones has been bad. Every phone I had needed to be replaced within a few months and I have had several diff ones. After about 8 phones I gave up on that company. That being said it would be nice to see a large company like theirs giving back.

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