Crash Room Progress…..

Crash Room Progress…..

Tax return came in last night and so II was able to start setting up our crash room. We don’t have much (thanks to the money pit that is our “new” van) but we got a 6×6 bouncy house. We also got a ball pit. We already had a trampoline and a tunnel. This will hopefully help Emmett to decompress.  It gives him a safe place to do the things that he needs to do in order to “ground” himself. I will also help to build the under-developed muscles in his legs. I’ll get pictures up later……

Has anyone set up a crash room in their home before? Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear them..

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I recommend the swing/hammock. You might also want to look at the log swing so he can lay either way and swing on it. If you are going to get a frame or place a hook, might as well invest in a couple of different types of swings if possible.

The biggest difference for us has been a simple yoga/exercise ball. Our daughters sit and bounce on them while watching tv, during breaks in therapy and they can sit on them during work sessions. Even our youngest daughter at age 2 likes to lay across her ball or bounce on it a little when she thinks about it.

Lost and Tired

We have the same ball. The log swing is a great idea. The ball pit was more for fun but the bouncy house is a much safer alternative then jumping off the stairs or couch. He really enjoys the impact of jumping.

Thanks Jessica and Julia for the great advice.


One of my families found a free standing swing frame on eBay…might be worth a look.


Some calming movement might be something to bring them down too…something like a rocking chair or a hammock swing/sweat

Lost and Tired

thanks. We are looking for a swing/hammock…..


Have you considered a steamroller? They are expensive, but good for kids who need deep pressure…

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