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About a week ago I launched the Official Autism Support Forums .

This forum Autism Support Forums is an evolution of the Reality Autism Support group I founded on Facebook.  The Autism Support Forums are a huge leap forward from the usual Facebook groups. 

I’ve have worked really hard to provide the community with a safe,  private and judgement free place to go and advice from, or just converse with other special needs parents. 

In the last week or so,  80 people have joined the group and there are already several hundred posts. I’m really excited that this has taken off as much as it has.

In the first week or so many new forums have been added as well as support for mobile access via the Tapatalk app.  This allows you to use the forums from your favorite smartphone or tablet. We have many great conversations currently under way and would love to have you join us.

This is the best Autism Support group,  at least in my opinion.  Sure I’m biased but I think that finding a place where you can speak your mind,  share your victories,  seek/offer advice,  share your heartache and even tricks and tips that have gotten you through difficult times,  is not easy to come by.

What’s even more uncommon is to find this all in a private,  organized and judgement free environment,  that allows you complete freedom to be yourself.

I’m really proud of what has been accomplished here and I think it shows that we can actually work together. 

If you haven’t already,  please join us by clicking on this link ——-> Official Autism Support Forums

Help make us even better by joining and adding a piece of your life and experience to the mix.  We can all learn from each other. 

Once at the Official Autism Support Forums register and confirm via email.  This is necessary to avoid small and maintain a level of security. 

If you don’t get an email within a few minutes let me know and I push it through.

Please spread the word about the amazing support group.  The more the merrier and we can all work together to help each other.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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