Sleepless in Ohio

Sleepless in Ohio

Lizze has been home for 3 days now and I am going on 2 nights of NO sleep. Emmett is having a a rough time and Elliott wasn’t feeling good last night… Lizze is in a lot of pain. She over did it yesterday. I’m going to have to lock her in the bedroom so she rests. I know she feels bad for me right now but if she doesn’t get better I’m going to lose my mind. If she over does it she will take much longer to recover and I won’t survive.

Right now the kids have eaten and they are watching Pokemon and eating uncooked Ramon noodles.. yes you heard me right… uncooked Ramon noodles.  For some reason this is their “thing” right now and I have bigger battles to fight right now.. like staying awake…

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My 4 year old lives on Ramen, he wont eat much else… told by wise old parents that they go thru those phases where they eat so little you think they are starving. Uncooked??? I used to do that myself years ago! Good stuff! Hang in there!!


What's wrong with uncooked ramen noodles? They're crunchy and delicious! I have a friend who designed an entire salad recipe around them, and it's AWESOME.


Hang in there. Sleepless nights are a common thing around our house too. As is "doing what works" (like the uncooked Ramen). Great blog! I also write about my daughter with Asperger's so feel free to visit that site too and stay connected.

Keep the faith 🙂 and a cocktail on hand (much needed at times)

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