So peaceful and sweet…..

…..and it only took me 2 hours to get him to sleep… Now all I have to do is laundry, grocery shopping, pick up Lizze’s meds and steam mop the floors… Then I can choose between “me time” or sleep.


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    • Liz on February 14, 2011 at 5:39 pm
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    Hi! I just linked to your blog from "Yeah. Good Times." I have 2 boys that have ASD as well. Both are mild to moderately affected. One of them is a TERRIBLE sleeper as well. When he was about 2 we started him on Melatonin which really helped him fall asleep easier. Unfortunately, it didn't keep him asleep past 2am but at least bedtime was not a battle. Just thought I would pass that info along in case you haven't tried that yet. Good luck!

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