Elliott update

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Elliott does not have a UTI. That’s really good news. We were at the doctors for a few hours waiting for him to pee. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers…

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  • jillsmo says:

    But he had a fever! That's so weird.

    Just like a typical kid, though. Nice.

    P.S. If you started swearing a bit more around here I would take it as a personal compliment 🙂

  • jillsmo says:

    If it's not a UTI, what is it?

    • Turns out it's' nothing. It probably hurt cause he held it in for so long. He holds it FOREVER and I guess that's fairly "typical". When the doctor said the word "typical" I just smiled. I'll take what I can get… 🙂

      Thanks for asking…..

      PS: I think I might start swearing a bit more on here. It just feels good.. 🙂