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When you have an Autistic child life is challenging. When your Autistic child is sick life is EVEN MORE challenging. Sensory issues go through the roof as their already overly sensitive bodies are experiencing stuffy noses, soar throats and other aches and pains. As a parent, you want to comfort them as much as possibl

e that can be a daunting task. So you sometimes just have to be creative to provide comfort.

Emmett just struggled and screamed ALL day long. All he wanted to do was open the fridge and sit and stare at the light. We couldn’t do that for obvious reasons. So I set up a lantern and set it under the table with some blankets and pillows. Lizze donated her Netbook and we set up pokemon and he laid by the heater and FINALLY relaxed. I cranked up the heat in the house so he didn’t get chilled as he would n

ot tolerate clothes today.

Anyone here have to be creative as well?

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Good save, Rob! I love the lantern idea and it kept your fridge door closed. My oldest has a preference for wrapping himself in a soft queen sized comforter with a flower pattern he calls the "flower blankie". We used to have it on our bed but just gave it to him after awhile. He would take the darn thing out of the house and to school if I let him.


oh yes. if it works go for it i say.
My son no longer has a bed. he didn't like the feel of it…. so he makes a nest on the floor! He has a very soft furry blanked which he likes to rub on his cheeks, he tells me its "sensory!" His fave thing to do after school is strip down to his pants and wrap himself in the blanket so the furry softness is all over his skin. even in the hight of summer he will do this.
I hope the little ones are getting better and life is getting a bit easier for you xx

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