Gavin crisis update: 10/7/2010 -

Gavin crisis update: 10/7/2010

We heard back from Dr. R and Gavin goes in next week. I don’t think I’m going to make it that long. He is driving me crazy. He never stops talking. He keeps tellling Elliott Richard inappropriate things. He has taught both Emmett and Elliott to hit themselves when they get angry.

Right now the sad/unpleasant truth is Gavin is sinking the ship. We don’t like to speak those words. However, not speaking those words doesn’t change the facts. Something has to give and give soon.

We are thinking about swithing from Dr. R to someone at Akron childrens because Dr. R is spread so thin that I am starting to question why we are still going there. He is amazing but it is impossible to get into to see him or get a returned phone call.

So right now we are still spinning our wheels in crisis mode. 

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I so feel you on this today Rob! After our conference with our Little Man's school today, we get the feeling they're just trying to soften the inevitable blow of "He's never going to come home". He does well for a while, but then reverts to much of the same you're getting from Gavin. It's disheartening and SO frustrating. Ya'll continue to be in my prayers daily! Hope Lizzie is feeling better!

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Thank you so much. Your support really means alot.

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