Infection has hit Lizzie again….

Lizze’s main incision is infected again. This time it’s much worse. I f*cking quit…

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Keep your head up! Easier said then done… trust me, I know this. Is there a way to PM or directly contact you? I've gotta be honest, but the only reason I found you is because of the midnight rom. Having a redirect to this site is awesome! After reading some blogs and figuring out where you're from, I think there's a chance that I know you. I hail from the Akron area… Worked as a medic before coming to Vegas… My mother also works with Autistic/Aspergers children in NE Ohio. I think you can view my email addy (hit me up there if ya want).

Again… keep your head up! You're not alone!

Kit (at)

Never give up! Never Surrender!

Yeah, its a cliche statement, but it bears repeating. I know your probably saying it purely out of frustration and not an actual desire to quit. Giving up will only allow the problem to get worse. In this case the infection. Just keep tackling it as best you can and try to view things in positive terms. Focus on what you WANT to happen, not on what you Don't want.

i.e. Instead of thinking about Lizzie NOT getting infections. Think about Lizzie being healthy.

It sounds weird, but I've found that by reversing the way I think about things and approach problems that the solutions just seem to fall into place.

Its been called a lot of things over the years from pure optimism, positive thinking, to the most recent money maker "The Secret". While its really nothing new, its worth checking out that book and/or the movie that goes with it.