Alright, I didn’t really mean I quit…

Of course I wouldn’t really quit. The truth is, sometimes I just get so completely overwhelmed that I wish I could. I feel helpless, hopeless and Lost and Tired. It feels like there isn’t any further down I could sink but I know I will eventually sink further. It’s difficult to articulate exact what reaching that point feels like. I’ll just say that it sucks…..

You also have to understand how bad of a day yesterday was. We drove 100 miles just taking the boys to and from school. We were trying to get ready for Emmett’s sleep which we ended up rescheduling. The van was having major issues on the freeway the other day and I knew I needed to get that fixed. Then Lizze informs me that her incision was infected…All while Emmett is screaming and I’m trying to figure out where the vaan needs to go. I got the boys to my parents and to Lizze to the doctors. It was going to be a long wait so she told me to go get the. Van looked at while I’m waiting.

I took the van to Sears auto for an alignment. After about an hour the tech calls me out there to show me why he can’t align the front end. Apparently the repairs that I had done to the Van in January went done right. In fact the outer tie rod on the passanger side wasn’t even tight. He said that he turned the nut 6 times to tighten it and that wasn’t good. Apparently there is inner tie rods need replaced  before we can align the front end. So it’s back to the other repair shop again, for the same engine problem and now the front end issues.

Lizze got done at the doctors and thankfully everything check out “ok”. There was infection but we caught it early enough that we can quash it with antibiotics……

So it was a pretty crappy day and I just couldn’t cope anymore. But I will never quit 😉

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Rob Gorski via Faceb

I hear that…… Sometimes it just feels like every day is the worst day of my life.

Michele Nichols via

I quit on a daily basis…


Hey Rob, just know that you and your family are in my prayers. God is good, even though it may not seem like it at the moment. Don't ever give up!
cheers mate

Lost and Tired

Thank you very much 🙂