Emmett has another birthday party today

This is the second Saturday in a row that Emmett has a birthday party to attend. I’m thrilled that he’s got the opportunity but two weekends in a row is a bit much. 😜

This afternoon he has one of his best friends party and it’s at Chuck E Cheese.

It’ll be just Emmett and I because this is way too loud for Lizze. I’m not personally a huge fan of the noise and the crowds but I don’t have a constant migraine or severe social anxiety.

Hopefully, this will be fun for Emmett and his friend. I’m so happy that he’s able to do this but I not so happy about the inevitable overstimlation and meltdowns that will follow. Par for the course I suppose. ☺


  1. Glad he’s getting invited to go to birthdays. I’ve seen some kids not get invited to any birthdays. Exclusion hurts more.

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    • BeckyW on October 21, 2018 at 3:03 pm
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    Even NT kids will get disrupted by such a party. Tons of stimulation and sugary food will do the trick.

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