Anyone see who drank my smoothie?


One of the things we struggle with is getting the kids to eat healthier. They each have texture and or color issues with food. I have found that allowing them to make a smoothie seems to “override” some of the sensory issues. I can sneak all kinds of veggies in there. Anyone else have success with this???

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  1. YES! This is the only nutrient rich food I can get my son to eat. Problem is: he has major sensory issues…so the blender scares the living daylights out of him. As a single Mom with 2 small children, it's very hard to figure out how to drown out the noise of the blender when there's no one to take my son out of the house for a min! Sneaking veggies into the smoothie proves hard for me…my son can usually catch on. Only one that seems to slip past his keen sense of texture and taste is cauliflower. I also add some powdered fiber to the smoothie so his constipation issues are quite so severe with his limited diet.

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