Here’s my day so far

So far, today’s been a total wash. I think it was probably doomed from the get go because I had insomnia once again last night. Truth be told, I was dragging after getting Elliott to school. 

Another nail in the coffin is the fact that both Emmett and Lizze are sick. 

Gavin fell asleep after his morning meds and I sent Lizze back to bed when I got back from taking Elliott to school. I spent some time working on rebuilding my photo gallery on this site, using the native WordPress gallery feature, so I could get rid of the plugin I was using, while Emmett snuggled me. 

I soon hit a wall and crashed with Emmett for a bit. 

Feeling much better after waking up, sorta cancles out the guilt for sleeping cause it puts me in a better position to function the rest of the day when everyone is up and moving.  

There are some things I need to get done this afternoon, including some time on the treadmill…and now I’m in a better place to do them.  ☺ 

  • kimmy gebhardt says:

    Have you ever thought of keeping a sleep diary? That in conjunction with a food/exercise diary might be helpful in you getting into some more ‘normal’ patterns, or at least figuring out what actually works for you based on your needs and lifestyle.

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